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Getting to know Bracken

Bracken is an online training system, designed to engage your learners in interactive study.

Bracken cup we are here for you

We are Here for You

Our specialists will save you money and time. Better yet, they'll get to know your specific needs and make the solution suit you. We value our customers and always ensure they receive a successful learning platform.
Bracken wizard we are tech wizards

We are Tech Wizards

We've used our software developing experience to make Bracken incredibly accessible for you. Our platform lives online, so you don't need to download or code files.
Our company is homegrown New Zealand

Our Company is Homegrown

Bracken was developed right here in New Zealand. It's the brainchild of two NZ-based companies: The Tarn Group Ltd. and Maths Technology. We reckon that's worth celebrating.

We believe that subject matter experts like you need an environment where they can author modules without the need for programmer intervention. That's why our team will support you in generating your own content, with fully customisable features every step of the way.

Bracken puts you in the driver's seat. You can set up your Bracken environment to suit your company's needs.
Our software lets you assign three key roles: manager, author, learner

Discover just what Bracken can do and how it does it.


Bracken Interactive


Grab your learners attention with multimedia content. Keep them engaged by asking questions, such as drag-drop, multi-choice, or free text.

Video tools

Unique Video Tools

Our interactive video tools let your learners analyse scenarios in real time. Isolate the critical moments and annotate appropriate responses, then share for immediate feedback.
Bracken is flexible and accessible

Flexible and Accessible

All components of Bracken are housed online. Now your staff can train at their own pace, place and time. Accessing, editing and saving content from anywhere has never been easier.
Tailored feedback

Tailored Feedback

Personalise learning by providing immediate and tailored feedback. Reward your learners with certificates and incentives.
Custom branding

Your Content, Your Way

Business moves fast and so do we. With Bracken, you control your own content in real time. And we are always here to help.
Learn on the Go

Learn on the Go

Our responsive software uses HTML5 and will make sure you and your learners can share content seamlessly from any wifi-enabled device, wherever, whenever.
We are experienced

You're in Safe Hands

Our company has been delivering software solutions to businesses all around the world. We're confident we have a solution to help your business grow.
reporting features

Track Learner Progress

With Bracken, you can always access your learners' record of achievement to keep up with their progress and keep evidence of targeted learning for compliance purposes.
in house designer

Look Your Best

We understand how important brand image is for your business. Our team can work with you to create a customised visual environment that tells your story and reflects your brand.
Otago Polytechnic
Tertiary institutions like Otago Polytechnic use Bracken to connect with their students and increase practical contact hours.
Pathways Awarua
Pathways Awarua needed a platform that utilises interactive tools to assist adult learners in literacy and numeracy courses.
Night and Day
Nationwide franchises like Night 'n Day find Bracken useful for staff training, using our interactive tools to present realistic scenarios.
PGA Coach
Bracken is used by multiple sporting organisations to train both coaches and athletes. Our unique video tools make sport analysis easy.