About Bracken

About Bracken

The Concept

We wanted to create an online platform that allowed the real subject matter experts to create, control and modify their own content quickly without the need for coding or programmer intervention.

Our goal has always been to put content experts in the driver's seat, so we worked hard to make sure that the Bracken learning environment is interactive, easy to use and feature-rich. With Bracken, the content experts can create modules that suit the subject matter being taught and their learners' learning styles.

This platform was developed in collaboration with Maths Technology Ltd, which allowed us to focus on the needs of the subject matter experts from the start. 

We are committed to delivering an engaging platform that results in real learning. Find out more about the origins of our platform's name and the companies behind the concept, below.


Thomas Bracken

Bracken Thomas Bracken

We named our training platform "Bracken" to honour one of our favourite Dunedinites - the man behind our country's national anthem - Thomas Bracken. 

Thomas Bracken (21 December 1843 - 16 February 1898) was a noted late 19th century poet. Among his many poetic achievements, he was also the first person to publish the phrase "God's Own Country" as applied to our proud little nation. Often abbreviated to "Godzone", this moniker has endured with Kiwis for well over a century. 

His innovative attitude and fiercely Southern roots reflect our approach to learning and we're proud to have this man as our namesake .


The Tarn Group

Since its inception, The Tarn Group  (previously known as Siliconcoach), has concentrated on adventure, both in a physical and mental sense of the word. 

For 20 years, this Dunedin-based company has been creating solutions that enhance the relationship between subject matter experts and learners in engaging digital environments. Our technology has proven to be a dynamic learning tool that ultimately leads to a greater understanding for teacher and student, coach and athlete, clinician and patient.

The Tarn Group operates more than 15 websites for external customers and develops and maintains bespoke digital solutions for many major organisations.



Maths Technology

Maths Technology undertakes resource development, research and consultancy in education with a focus on mathematics and statistics, numeracy and literacy. 

Dr Gill Thomas, the managing director, is recognised and contracted as a knowledge leader in mathematics and numeracy by the Ministry of Education and the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC). She, along with other members of the Maths Technology team, has held leadership roles in a large number of key national initiatives over the last decade.