Bracken Features Explained


As a subject matter expert, you can easily create modules that you can update or modify.

Modules are a series of slides that logically take the learner through the material. The questions in each module can include drop down menus, gap text and multiple choice, as well as multimedia content and video analysis tools to suit all learning styles. You can set correct answer options automatically or opt for answers to be sent to a tutor for marking.

Besides learning through completing modules, people can also interact and explore using the Stick-it, analyse, and Wizard features.

Each module and its environment can be decorated with a skin. These are custom designs that replicate the look and feel of your own brand. Skins bridge the gap between your marketing and the platform, putting your learners into a familiar environment.

As a bonus, we make sure every new customer has 20 free hours of design time with us to make sure their platform looks just the way they expected.


We believe that it's easier for everyone to orientate themselves in online environments if it can be organised simply, logically and along similar structures to their real world organisations.

To achieve this we have created building blocks called Zones, pathways and modules.

Zones allow you to group people that want to have similar experiences. Depending on your organisation, Zones can represent classes, teams, or other groups of people who come together to learn for educational, sporting, or work related reasons.

Zones can create a hierarchical structure that represents your physical organisation.

Pathways allow you to group learning modules into a course. Think of each module as a lesson, coming together as a class chapter in a pathway. These pathways can be shared into as many Zones as you require.

Modules represent a single unit of learning, for example one lecture or chapter. Each module can be designed to involve learners in ways that suit your company.

Pathways also allow you to control how users get access to the modules by defining prerequisites and the order modules are to be done in, and by marking completed work.

All of your learners' progress will be saved and can be accessed later for reports and compliance.


The roles that people are assigned within Bracken are:

Users within the Bracken environment can have a range of roles at the same time. A user could be a tutor in one area but a learner in another. These roles can be assigned by managers to structure and organise learning.

When a learner completes a module, their answers are passed on to the author in real time. With Bracken, your learners don't have to wait for all modules to be completed by all other learners - their feedback can be provided instantly, allowing for faster and more personalised learning.

Bracken offers two types of feedback - personalised and automated. Personalised feedback allows you to give your learners specific comments regarding their submissions. This type of feedback can be particularly useful for open-ended individualised responses with lots of potential for variation between different learners, for example a written response to a simulated customer enquiry in the retail sector. 

The second type of feedback is fully automated - it allows for immediate assessment without the need for author intervention. You might consider using this type of feedback for questions which only allow specific answers, such as maths problems, technical terms, etc.

Our mission for personalised and flexible learning doesn't stop there! We recognise the need for learners to engage with content away from a desk and outside of a classroom. This is why our software can be accessed via a variety of devices. The only requirement is an internet connection.


Our clients are more than just accounts to us. As a small company, we make sure to get on a first-name basis with everyone we work with.

We've been pioneering software solutions world-over for the last 20 years. Our staff are experienced and knowledgeable, not only in the tech field, but also when it comes to content delivery.

We will help you present your content in a way that bests suits you, your company and your learners.