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Bracken customers Pathways Awarua

Pathways Awarua

Developed for the New Zealand Tertiary Education Commission by Maths Technology

Pathways Awarua is an online learning environment that has been developed for adult learners to improve their reading, writing and numeracy. Learning modules have been designed for New Zealand adults with contexts and examples relevant to their everyday lives.

The Bracken platform allowed us to create a richly interactive and engaging resource that has been well received by our users. Tutors or trainers first register and complete a short series of modules that introduce the system, and and upon completion they can begin registering their learners. Tutors have access to shared resources and discussions, and importantly can monitor progress of their learners.

Since launching in June 2011, more than 170 organisations throughout New Zealand are now using Pathways Awarua to assist and support their learners in strengthening literacy and numeracy. Nearly 15 million questions have now been answered correctly by over 20 000 learners.

Bracken customers e-ako

e-ako Maths

Developed for the New Zealand Ministry of Education by Maths Technology

e-ako maths is an online learning environment designed to support the development of key mathematical concepts and skills in children between the ages of 7 and 13. The Bracken interface allows the integration of immediate, specific feedback into interactive learning modules and animated games. In its first year over 30 000 accounts were created in e-ako maths, and users accumulated nearly 5 million points for questions answered correctly. Today e-ako has more than 70 000 accounts and over 11 million points answered correctly

Bracken customers PGA Golf

PGA Coach New Zealand

The PGA of New Zealand and New Zealand Golf recognised several years ago that to have a world-class golf education programme, an e-learning environment was not only an advantage, but an imperative.

They proved to us that they not only had the technical expertise to offer us what we wanted, but also a programme that enabled us to place our 96 coaching modules into an e-learning space using Bracken in a most user-friendly way.

The team at Bracken are there to help every step of the way, and issues are always solved with a smile.

Bracken customers Siliconcoach Live

Siliconcoach Live

Siliconcoach Live is an online analysis and communication environment for coaches, teachers, athletes and students. Perfect for individuals looking for a simple analysis tool to access their own performance or for a team, class, group, association or organisation to create their own space and give access to their network and knowledge.

Also in Siliconcoach Live are a series of modules that cover the basic principles of functional anatomy and biomechanics that users can access.

Bracken customers PnO Data Solutions

PnO Data Solutions

PnO Data Live is an online environment for Prosthetists and Orthotists to foster clinical discussion, education, and documentation of gait analysis. The online analysis tools in conjunction with the Gait Report wizards enable a practitioner to show that their treatment is important to the rehabilitation of the individual. Gait Analysis is a skill learned over years of experience. The educational modules inside PnO Data engage the student to exercise the skill of observational gait analysis in a methodical approach that reduces the learning curve.

Video Based Review, Otago University

Video Based Review: Otago University

Online technologies have an important part to play in health professional education. They allow us to shift learning into the student's control, and provide opportunities for students to address tasks when they are ready to do so. We needed a flexible technology to help us teach critical reflection to health professionals, and the video annotation tools in Bracken provided everything we needed. The team at Bracken have been very supportive and generous with their time and have helped us complete a successful pilot designed to improve health professionals' ability to reflect on their communication with patients and whanau.

Bracken customer Maukiteako

Mau ki te ako

Te Tapuae o Rehua ( leads a consortium of Ngai Tahu, University of Canterbury and University of Otago in the delivery of the New Zealand Ministry of Education's contract to provided culturally responsive professional learning development for Provisionally Registered Teachers, Overseas Trained Teachers and their Mentor Teachers.

Mau ki te ako e-PRT is the online component of this contract. It is very user friendly and allows Provisionally Registered Teachers and their Mentors to work at their own pace and go back over sections which deserve more thorough examination. The online resource has generated lots of interesting discussion points and has been an invaluable addition to the Induction and Mentoring Programme.

Bracken customer Otago Polytechnic

Otago Polytechnic

OP online was an appealing prospect for my teaching and my students. In previous years running our biomechanics and video analysis course, student surveys showed that the few online lessons available on Silicon Coach live where engaging and taught them more than conventional lectures. This year we have decided to replace all lecture classes with Bracken built lessons, specially designed to cover the content and theory needed in this course. Early impressions are good with students engaging and enjoying this new learning environment. This mean formal class times can now be spent on, doing stuff and not sitting around listening.

Bracken customer New Zealand Football

New Zealand Football

New Zealand Football developed New Zealand Football Online to enhance the creation and delivery of education programmes to its community of users including coaches, officials, and club administrators. The same New Zealand Football Online platform is being utilised to facilitate media rich online discussions between key groups within New Zealand Football.