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Cook brothers

Cook Brothers Construction is a national construction company with regional branches in Auckland, Canterbury, Southern Lakes and Otago.

Cook Brothers Construction’s absolute priority is maintaining healthy and safe sites, and team members. We employ an in-house H&S Co-ordinator to ensure that the public and our team are provided these safe and healthy environments at all times.

They required a training program that would teach Health and Safety techniques in an engaging way, holding the interest of their employees and helping them see the vital value of this information. They found that hard- copy learning modules with simple reading-comprehension questions were inefficient and often tedious for employees to gain understanding from.

We required a training program that would teach Health and Safety techniques in a memorable way

- Linda, Cook Brothers Construction HR
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Cook Brothers sends their raw content directly to Bracken. Our in-house designers consult with the Cook Brothers content expert to determine interactive design elements.
Content is directly authored into modules on the Cook Brothers branded site. Our designers add in high quality imagery, additional media, and interactive elements along the way.
The modules are then sent to Cook Brothers for feedback. When they are completed, the modules are made available on the site for users to access.

Working with content provided by Cook Brothers Construction, we created complimentary suites of modules tailored to teach a range of subjects.

With health and safety legislation constantly evolving, our system allows for easy changes to content, keeping information current and up to date.

An older gentleman overcame the challenges of being able to use a computer correctly and got all of the questions right the first time. Seeing someone who’s got an old hat on get real value out of [Bracken] is just priceless.

- Linda, Cook Brothers Construction HR