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te ako wools

Te Ako Wools is owned and governed by the New Zealand Shearing Contractors' Association with the support of the Primary ITO and Beef + Lamb New Zealand. It provides training services to support trainees in the New Zealand wool harvesting industry - shearing, wool handling and wool pressing.

It is the aim of Te Ako Wools to foster stronger industry relationships from the grass roots of production to the retail end. Te Ako's brand partners needed to be closely engaged throughout the training cycle to increase professionalism and add value to the brand position of New Zealand wool. They needed an appropriate vehicle to deliver accessible, high quality training to the sector, ultimately benefiting the wool industry as a whole.

We wanted to serve our industry properly, this starts by having the right tools and training so that we can help our staff through the day.

- Jock Martin, Operations Manager
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Te Ako came to us with big goals, and enthusiasm to match. Due to the fact that their user base accesses course work directly from smartphones, Te Ako was especially interested in keeping their modules designed as responsively as possible.

We worked closely with their trainers to help mould a suite of new programmes, providing customised training sessions on lesson development and platform use simultaneously.

With the help of Bracken, Te Ako Wools was able to combine traditional face-to-face learning, courses and workshops with the latest online learning. They were able to develop an innovative mix of video, online modules and workshops to deliver the skills the industry needs.

Te Ako Wools uses the latest technology to improve the accessibility of skills training for both contractors and trainees around the country.

Lots of our learners are good with their hands, they listen, they see. Our trainers through the authoring tool realised the ability Bracken had to offer and they were into it.

- Jock Martin, Operations Manager