Getting to know Bracken

Our software lets you assign three key roles:

Creating lessons online in Bracken
Educating your learners online with Bracken

Content development

Bracken puts educators at the helm of content development by giving them the power to create rich, interactive courses that are informative and engaging for learners.


Select from a range of interaction types to engage your learners. Multiple choice, drag and drop, highlighter, drop-downs, fill the gap, free text, and more.


Authors can easily embed multimedia content, such as images, videos, animations, or audio files using the integrated uploader and file manager. But what makes Bracken different is our comprehensive video tool.


Make courses accessible to learners with reading difficulties or visual impairments.

Knowledge testing

An important part of learning is knowledge testing, where the learner can see that they have both absorbed and understood the teaching content.

Have a play

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