Getting to know Bracken

Our software lets you assign three key roles:

Bracken learner
Learning in Bracken

Content delivery

These courses are presented online in an integrated environment, which means that learners anywhere in the world can study at their own pace using just a web browser.

Self paced learning

Learners can do their learning anywhere and at anytime. Learners embark on a Bracken Learning pathway that shows them, at a glance, how much they have already learned and where they are heading in their learning.

Improve learner outcomes

Build interactions from a comprehensive range of tools that enable learners to actively engage in the learning. Self-marking questions check understanding and provide tailored immediate feedback.

Engage learners

Embed multimedia content, such as images, videos, animations, and audio files to enhance the learners experience.

Deliver blended learning

Learners can do their learning anywhere and at anytime, enabling more meaningful face-to-face learning.

The best way to start

Bracken is a learning management system, so we thought the best way to learn about Bracken is by doing a Bracken lesson.
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