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Bracken is feature rich and easily used to create a positive learning experience.

Bracken is our accelerated learning platform that is about giving your business the tools to help get information out to your staff in an engaging way.

Our team are fully invested in helping your business thrive, all our clients have benefited from our experience and support.

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Our team of educational experts, instructional designers and developers are here to support you every step of the way, from planning through to release and ongoing success.

Whether you author your content in Bracken yourself or get us to do it, our experts will give you the tools and knowledge required to create training modules that suit the needs of your learners.

Your site will always be up to date with any future developments to Bracken.


Bracken guides learners through their training using pathways. Pathways help by assigning the right learning at the right times to ensure the learner is receiving clear and relevant information.

Learning is broken into small chunks, which are rich in media, interactive and help motivate, focus attention and improve retention. By also providing personalised feedback along the way, it ensures they are understanding the information.

The text-to-speech function in Bracken makes courses accessible to learners with literacy or visual difficulties.

A powerful authoring tool


Create beautiful content with our simple and flexible editing tool, to control and alter content so that it is always up to date.


Include fun and interesting interactions to engage learners and enhance their learning experience.


Add a variety of media types such as video, audio or image files, or embed media from platforms like YouTube.

Learning Management

Making sure the right messages get in front of the learner at the right time, knowing they have completed it and that they have understood the information.

With Bracken, you can easily assign learners their training, follow their progress, provide feedback and prove they have completed the work, all in the same space.

Being online means learners can access the information anytime, anywhere and at their own pace. Meaning they can turn up to training having already completed some learning.


The video capabilities in Bracken set us apart. With over 20 years’ experience creating world leading video tools.

Create interactions where learners view, review and analyse scenarios to get a greater understanding.

Compress and upload videos directly from our native iOS app or desktop applications.


Integrate Bracken with your existing databases, for a seamless experience for your learners and administration.


While Bracken is geared for learning. You can also create quizzes for assessment purposes.


Bracken is a secure, private and safe place for your users and information.


Bracken modules are responsive. Author just once and have your training easily accessible on any device.


Acknowledging progress, rewarding participation and celebrating achievement are all ways of enhancing engagement and motivating learners.

With Bracken you can apply a range of features, including progress bars, points, trophies and certificates.


No two businesses are the same and neither are their training objectives. We’ll get to know your business and objectives, to create a package to help you reach your potential.

Bracken is largely customisable, from site design, registration processes, module content and course structure, to monitoring and reporting on learner progress.

The Bracken journey begins with you, so get in touch today for more information.