Here at Bracken we’ve been getting back to our roots.

Bracken is designed on the principles of proven educational theories like pedagogy and instructional design, which are drawn upon in order to regenerate your current content into effective, efficient and engaging resources. 

Check out this TED talk about re-imagining learning, which is what we are all about here at Bracken. 

Richard Culatta, a leader in the field of educational innovation, states the importance of using technology to do entirely new things, rather than just digitising old resources.
He pinpoints 3 challenges that education faces which we believe Bracken has the solution too.
  1. The need to treat students differently. Bracken allows you to allocate different areas and modules to different users so they can access the learning that is best and most relevant for them.  
  2. The need to let students learn at their own pace so they fully understand concepts before they move on. Being online, users can access their Bracken modules wherever and whenever they like and move through modules at their own pace.
  3. Often grades come too late to be of use. However Bracken offers tailored feedback and reflection within modules for continual improvements.
Of course these challenges do not just relate to schooling and can be applied to a whole range of different training and education.
We have the tools accessible right now to change education and you can begin with Bracken.
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