The Future of digital technology and Bracken

To help build understanding about the important role that digital technology plays in the evolving future of training for businesses, we held a forum on 2nd November with 10 of the top NZ sporting organisations. Our aim was not only to discuss some of the latest trends in eLearning but also to explore the challenges these organisations are facing with their learning and development programs that Bracken could help them overcome.

We focused on identifying and breaking down the current top eLearning trends. Highlighting the benefits of tailoring learning to deliver the right learner content to the right person at the right time, and what tactics can be implemented to achieve this. We discussed reflective practice and how being able to visualise skills can increase retention of knowledge, as well as touching on the role that mobile first design has in simplifying the process of getting content out to learners.

Check out a more detailed summary of the trends and how you can implement them into your training:

The Future of digital technology and Bracken.pdf (86.67 kb)

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