Updated Summary page

Our module summary pages recently received a bit of an overhaul to give our users an even smoother learning experience.

Summary pages are an important part of our users' learning process.  They give learners the ability to review their work on a module allowing them to learn from mistakes, and reward successes. Giving someone the ability to review their work on a module not only adds in an element of repetition, but also allows them to check that they are happy with answers they have provided throughout the course.   

You've got to love that feeling of seeing heaps of green ticks when you've reached the end of a challenging module. 

Some of the new functionality heading your way:

Continue - a button that allows users to continue directly onto the next module in a pathway, or takes them directly back to the pathway.  

Return to Question - a link below each question that takes the user directly to the slide that this question in on to make any changes needed.  

Status Notification - a pop up message that the user receives when they reach the summary page that informs them to the status of their work (for example, the user has passed the module, or the module needs to be submitted, etc.)  

We are proud of our most recent feature upgrade, try it out and see why! 

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